Maximize Solar Leads By Correctly Running Your Call Center

In order to grow your company’s solar leads, you need to have a smooth-running call center. Check out these tips on how to maximize call center productivity.


How powerful would it be for your call center to have more qualified solar leads than your competitors? Coupled with the right processes and staff training, could you increase your market share and get ahead of other solar companies?

This is the dream scenario for any solar call center in an increasingly crowded market. Consumers are more and more aware of their carbon footprint and of using green technologies to reduce their impact on the environment.

If you stand still, more proactive companies could identify and contact consumers who were previously interested in working with your company.

Read on to find out how to maximize the benefits of your call center and solar lead generation.

Strategy and Resources

Before any of your staff pick up the phone, you need to have a coherent plan and the right resources in place.

Employees are more efficient when they understand exactly what management is expecting from their day’s work.

For example, are you looking for solar leads Florida, solar leads New Jersey, New York solar leads, or prospects based in other locations?

Call center employees may not know where the field sales staff are working that week. This means you need to give them clear instructions, so they are at their most effective.

In addition, it’s vital to give them the tools required to work quickly without becoming overly fatigued.

A high-quality solar dialer can make it much easier for them to feel more energetic on the phone with customers. This is because they do not have to punch in the numbers each time they make a call.

When you have the right number of staff in place for following up with solar leads, you can ensure everyone knows how to work your CRM properly. 

Having access to records and updating files with the correct information is crucial for the success of your solar campaign.

Quality Solar Leads Data

Whether you intend to buy solar leads or obtain free solar leads, the quality is of the utmost importance.

Some competitors may still rely on the numbers game, where they dial as many people as possible, hoping that one or two customers will make a purchase.

But, this only gives you an advantage. For example, when you use aged leads, you already know the customer is interested in your product.

Although this may have been some time ago, they could still want to know more about your offer. This makes it much more likely they will buy, or at least agree to an appointment, than if you call random people.

Field sales staff appreciate call center colleagues who can provide them with pre-set solar appointments, so this has to be the minimum goal for each call. 

Ideally, you should have a number of exclusive solar leads so you can book exclusive solar appointments. This gives your field sales staff a fantastic opportunity to close sales that are not influenced by competitors. 

Even if they don’t make the sale on the first attempt, they could follow up before another company becomes aware the customer is interested in solar technology.

Encourage Employee Engagement

Once you have a strategy in place, the right technology in your call center, and a list of qualified leads, you need to ensure you can keep morale high.

Although customers are interested in solar technology, it can still be a hard sell. Many consumers will have objections.

Perhaps they are not keen on making the financial investment, or perhaps they are unsure of a still relatively new technology. Often consumers prefer to wait until they see social proof before they believe it would also benefit them.

While you can use scripts and train staff to overcome these objections, you also need to ensure employees have a selling mindset. You can encourage this by introducing gamification software.

This method gives employees points or rewards for meeting certain targets. For example, you could make opposing teams such as one that needs to win Florida solar leads and one that is to call New Jersey solar leads. 

This is a fun way to motivate staff and provide some friendly competition in your call center.

Consider Staff Welfare

You also need to remember that when staff are making the same calls each day, they may begin to forget why they are doing this in the first place.

It’s an excellent idea to have representatives who can have individual chats with employees to find out how they feel. For example, perhaps they are on a bad run and haven’t set any appointments in a couple of days.

In this scenario, your representative can give them positive reinforcement. They could remind them how well they did the previous week.

Some employees may also need a refresher on how they are helping to benefit the environment.

When staff members appreciate the value of their work, they are more likely to sound positive and enthusiastic when they are on the phone.

Study the Metrics

Your metrics are an insight into the effectiveness of all the above processes which you have put in place. You can instantly see how each team member is performing and how the campaign is progressing as a whole.

You can also segment them into different campaign types, such as residential solar leads and commercial solar leads.

This means you can quickly rectify any problems before they lead to missed opportunities. Metrics are also crucial for setting budgets are recruiting more staff. 

If your call center employees are performing above expectations, you may need to advertise for more field sales agents.

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